IBCC News - September 2013 
Experience Israel 2013
In April 2013 we had a successful visit of investors delegation of 16 participants from countries around the world all based in the UK. Alongside visits to the holy sites and Yad Vashem, participants visited companies, met business people and other investors, visited the Weizmann Institute and attended an IBCC reception in Tel Aviv with the participation of the UK Ambassador Mr. Matthew Gould, UKTI Director Mr. Barry Grossman, high-tech companies and business comunity. The highlight of the visit was no doubt a meeting with the President of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres. The visitors left Israel with a great impression and a promise to come back!  
Main Events and Activities

September 2013- Doing Business in the UK!
Second meeting of “Doing Business” took place this month on the topic of International Branding. Workshop was conducted with a special focus on the UK market by Liri Keidar and Michal Gat from Titan Brandwise - a leading  international branding company. ”Doing Business” is designed to grant practical tools and knowledge to business people interested in the UK market.
October 2012- Cardiologists  and Life Science
  • An Anglo-Israeli cardiologist symposium took place in London, sponsored by the IBCC. The Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub opened the event and greeted the 30 cardiologists from both countries  who exchanged knowledge and views for three days. The event initiated by Dr Romeo Vecht, IBCC Board member, sets a wonderful example of a successful dialogue and presents a business opportunity for Israeli and British companies manufacturing related medical devices. In a time where voices are heard against Israel scientists and Academy such connections present the right and welcomed  response. 
  • IBCC hosted a UKTI delegation in the area of life science.
Dear Members and Friends!
The new year brings hopes alongside some uncertainties in a continuing changing environment.
These times challenge us all and demand more than ever the ongoing development of business and trade relations between our countries The semi- annual figures for 2013 show a growth
of about 15% in the Israeli export to the UK, maintaining the status of Great Britain as the second largest Israeli trade market, second after the US !
This year we shall continue to enhance those relations. On the agenda are development of financial activities, helping ideas meet with Capital, we shall keep on developing cooperation with economic and political organizations in Israel and the UK and we shall continue to support business cooperation in the various areas of industry and innovation.as always we shall have our annual events and also would be involved  with the advancing of  business in the areas of life science ,energy ,industry ,technology, services as well as rendering updated tools and
knowledge to those interested in building up contacts with the UK.
October brings two wonderful international events: DLD TLV and WATEC don’t miss that!
I wish us all a wonderful fruitful Happy New Year. Special congrats to our friends from the
TECH HUB acting in the UK Embassy in Israel celebrating two years of impressive activities!
We look forward to seeing you in one of our events and activities and as always trust that good
talented and determined people would make the difference.
After all
Anita Leviant, IBCC President
November 2012- Annual  Real Estate Event-“After the Olympics”
The third annual event took place at the UK Ambassador’s Residence  who also attended the event Five leading UK Companies dealing with various aspects of the real estate transaction: UBS for finance, ,Berg Karpov for tax issues, Profimex for brokerage and opportunities, LockLord for legal aspects and Greenridge gave overviews of the UK real-estate market and opportunities. The audience of 100 participants applauded Eli Papushadu, chair of Park Plaza Hotels Group who got an award from the IBCC and Ambassador for his activity and contribution to relations between the countries in this industry. Boris Ivashev, CEO attended and gave the audience tips on real estate investments in the UK.
February 2013 Douglas Gordon  in the Tel Aviv Museum-“Culture builds Trust”
Members of IBCC enjoyed a unique evening in the Tel Aviv Museum in the largest exhibition ever of the world known British artist Douglas Gordon. The evening was co- hosted by the IBCC and the new British Council Mr. Alan Gemel and marked the beginning of a creative cooperation. After a cocktail and networking the guests were invited to a private guided tour in the exhibition.
March 2013 Guests and  delegations
  • IBCC hosted for dinner a delegation of British companies in the area of telemedicine. The delegation hosted by the UKTI visited Israeli companies and institutions interested in the area.  
  • The UK Minister of Trade and investments Lord Green, lead a delegation of companies in the sector of Oil and Gas, to a short visit in Israel. A reception followed by dinner took place  at the Ambassador’s residence with the participation of the UK companies and Israeli companies and business people interested in the Oil and Gas industry. The UKTI in the British Embassy in Israel established the Oil and Gas area as one of main targets to be developed between the two countries.
April 2013 - Experience Israel 2013
In April a delegation of senior investors visited Israel. The Foreign Office hosted the delegation in the King David with the participation of Mrs. Irit Ben Aba, Lord Jacob Rothschild and Yad Hanadiv Foundation hosted the delegationwith the participation of the Mayor of Jerusalem. The delegation visited the holy sites Yad Vashem and Weizmann Institute. Among the companies visited in the Yokneam Industrial Park, were Given Imaging, and the Chairman Mr. Israel Makov and ReWalk and the Founder Dr. Amit Gofer.  The IBCC organized in honor of the delegates a reception in Tel Aviv with the participation of HMA Matthew Gould  and the highlight of the visit was a meeting with the President of the State of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres. 
June 2013 - Biomed 
IBCC hosted the UK delegation to the Israeli BIOMED Conference, with UKTI and TECHHUB
...Coming soon

  • Annual Real Estate event 2013 - investing in Real Estae – direct investment versus funds
  • “Doing business” events on practical and actual topics, in cooperation with universities, the UK Embassy, Chief Scientist and more
  • Financial Forum activities - fund raising, IPO and more
  • Industrial and science parks visit from the UK - exploring mutual opportunities
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