SMARTair Gets Selected to Protect Upscale Retirement Home 

The Challenge:

Achuzat Beit Ra’nana is located in Israel’s central city of Ra’nana. Without infrastructure surrounding the main entrance for a wired solution, the building engineer’s sought a solution that could be easily installed; addresses the residents' needs for convenient, keyless High Security access control; and suits the building’s aesthetic design.

The Solution:

Given the particular criteria that Achuzat Beit Ra’nana was dealing with, SMARTair was selected as an ideal solution. SMARTair is a wire-free solution that requires no special preparation. This enabled it to be easily applied directly onto the existing door’s hardware. Because SMARTair is also keyless, residents who have physical restrictions now have easier access while still maintaining High Security.
With SMARTair, the building management has an intelligent access control solution that does so much more than just control access. With it they can manage authorizations, define user groups, create schedules of authorized access, and retrieve audit trails of activity and more.

The Result:

SMARTair has provided Achuzat Beit Ra’nana an access control solution that they were able to easily install without need for any special preparation of the door or surrounding area. More importantly, residents have enhanced security together with a more convenient, keyless method of operation: RFID cards.

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