WatchLock® Deployed at Luxury Kenyan Hotel

The Challenge:

While The Tribe Hotel has extensive security deployed used to protect the property, its employees and guests, the hotel sought a solution that would secure hotel inventory, including food, from internal theft.

The Solution:

As a luxury hotel, The Tribe has a constant inflow of valuable goods and produce used to provide their guests with the ultimate hospitality experience. These goods are kept in storage containers located throughout the property.  In order to protect these goods and containers, the hotel selected WatchLock® for its smart capabilities.  
Completely autonomous and battery powered, WatchLock is a High Security padlock for places
and property at offsite locations, mobile assets, remote heavy equipment and much more.
Embedded with GPS and GSM technology, WatchLock notifies users when an attempt has Been made to access the padlock, when and where.

The Result:

The Tribe's management now has heightened control and security 24/7 for their goods and property and they can receive alerts such as when and if the hotel's assets have been accessed.

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